Character make up in Indonesia

Makeup is an essentially necessary for film industry. Without makeup, the actors or actresses cannot switch over to the other character they are supposed to be. Makeup can make over actors or actresses become the others.

Let’s take a look of these pictures:

Can you see that the power of makeup is working for the actor. Johnny Depp can change himself to the other character with the make up. And the usage of the makeup is totally perfect.

It’s different with Indonesia’s makeup. They cannot place it properly. Did you take a look to the actors or actresses in Indonesia’s movie or cinema? They use full makeup when sleep, they being a half monster, they use a heavy makeup in every scene.

Okay, Indonesia’s makeup artist like to use the makeup every time, but do you aware that the make up for special or unique creatures are not maximal. Let’s see in several private channel of television. They play with a monster, dragon, ghost, invisible creatures, etc. All of that effect just being made by computer and the unreal perform are seen clearly.

Compare this picture with previous picture:

Indonesia’s movie industry like to make a character like that, horror but disgusting. Why don’t we try to make something better in characterizing people in the movie industry. Beside that there are some others disgusting creatures make up like a woman with thick lips, with a lot of injury in her face, etc.

If they see the global movie, they supposed to be know which one is better and try to use the same method in making up the actors and actresses. Giving a make up to a people not always make them being prettier or worse, but make them being a different character and suit with the character itself.

So, would you dare to change the system and mind in Indonesia?