The Second Chance


I have given a chance to trust you, but i missed it..

I have given a chance to hold you, but i ignored it..

I have given a chance to stand beside you, but i went away..


There is a time when i feel empty..

There is a time when i dream of you..

There is a time when every single thing remind me of you..

There is a time when i miss you so much..


I know it is my fault..

I know i did wrong in past..

I know i have disappointed you..

I know every thing has been changed now..


Suddenly, it comes..

The second chance for me..

I try to grab it..

I try to have it..

I try to use it..



Every thing is not as easy as before..

The universe seems want to punish me..

There are so many temptations coming..

There are so many obstacles facing..


I have struggled to achieve the best..

I have sacrificed for  getting the best..


Is it what the universe wants from me?

Struggling, Sacrifice, Make Efforts??


What should i do now?

I made lots of mistakes in my past..

I chose the wrong path and failed..


I apologize for everything..

I don’t expect the second chance..

What i want is simple, don’t punish me like the universe did..

Give me your forgiveness and i’ll let you go..


The second chance, does it still exist for me?



You can’t always get what you want!!!

I have a dream..

I have a lot of wants..

I have so many expectations..


I try my best to achieve them..

I do a huge effort to make them come true..

I sacrifice a lot to get everything in my hands…



Sometimes there are God’s wills..

Sometimes there are choices..

Sometimes there are ego that will hamper everything..

Sometimes there are many reasons that make it is so hard to reach that dreams..


The point is!!!

We cannot always get what we want!!!

Trust me!! It happens in everyone’s life!!!

Do not expect too much!!

God will give the best one!!

The one and only that will make us amaze Him and His bless..



don’t let yourself down too deep!!

don’t let yourself cry too long!!

don’t let yourself  shatter to pieces!!



There is a big plan from God only for you!!

There is an unexpected gifts from God only for you!!

There is a secret that you will know in God’s time!!


So, be brave, folks!!

Keep asking the best from God!!

Face everything smartly!!

And wait for His time!!


Because, you cannot always get what you want,

But, someday, you will realize that you have got what you need..



Do you believe about love?

Do you believe about pure friendship between man and woman?

Or, do you believe about true love?

Well, love is wonderful…

Love is beautiful…

Love is also powerful..

We can do anything because of  L.O.V.E


Love is painful..

Love is all about courage..

Love is all about sacrifice..

Love is all about choice…

Love is all about loyalty…

It won’t be love when you don’t have courage..

It is not love when you don’t want to sacrify..

It is absolutely not love when you cannot choose to be loyal..

Love is..

When two heart become one..

Love is..

When two people have trust each other..

Love is..

When you throw away your ego..

Love is..


Because I’m Stupid

I know I wont be your memories

I know I wont be your sweet dream at nite

I know I wont be remembered also



I still keep thinking of you

I still keep loving you

I still keep dreaming about you


I know, I’m really stupid

I don’t even look the others

I only look at you, your figure..

I always remember your warmth also..

I even being so happy for looking at your smile from far..


I know, I just keep doing a fool things

I try to believe that it’s only my bad dreams

I try to believe that sometimes you will realize that is someone really love you.. me..

I try to believe that this bad things will over soon



You said that I’m just your friend

The bad thing is, you write it clearly, “you are just my friend, forever…”


Do I really stupid to keep believe that you will back to me like my dream?

Do I really stupid to still loving you?


Hmm, yup, maybe I’m stupid

Maybe I’m the fool one



Will people being blind and being stupid just because of love??

Or, maybe it’s not love??

Ahh, U think I will never know it, because i’m stupid…

I am not a robot

You always say the things that you like..

You always ask me to do whatever you want..

You always tell me the story that you want to talk about..

You always do anything you like and you want..


Have you ever thought about my feelings?

Have you ever thought about me?

Have you ever thought about us?


You are so selfish..

You don’t like to listen others..

You don’t want to be dictated..

You just believe your own rules..


Do you think i am a robot without feelings?

Do you think i will follow whatever you want?

Do you think i will agree whatever you say?

Do you think i will obey all of your words?



I am not a robot that you can handle..

I am not your servant that you can ask whatever you want..

I am not your slave that you can treat whatever you like..


I am a person with feelings..

I am a lady with the love inside..

I am someone that still love you..


So, please..

don’t be like this..

you hurt me with your bad habit..

you hurt me with your words..


Please don’t do it again..

It’s enough..

Don’t hurt me again and again..

I am not robot that just keep silent whatsoever you did..

I am not robot that can be repaired after broken..


I am the one who still love you..

I am the one who still care about you..


So, please..

Please, don’t ignore my feel..

I hate Rainy Day

Sometimes I feel so refresh when see the raindrop out of my room..

Sometimes I feel so sad when see the earth are crying out of my place..

Sometimes I feel so relax when hear the rain begin to fall out there..



But now,

I feel so lazy when hear the rain begin to fall..

I feel so angry when I have to go out and the rain is heavy..

I feel that I am trapped when I am somewhere and suddenly the rain fall..


I don’t know what happen to me..

I just feel so bad when the rain fall..

I just feel so weak when see the raindrop..

I just feel the rain ruins my day..


That’s all..

I really hate rainy day..

It makes everything wet..

It makes people being trapped..

It makes a disaster..

It makes the traffic become stuck fast..

It makes me cannot think clearly..

It makes me get imprisoned in my own room..

I don’t care when people say rainy day is beautiful..

I don’t care when people say rainy day makes them cozy..

I don’t care when people say I’m the weird one..


When I hate rainy day, I hate it for the rest of my life..


Call it Pain

It’s the hardest word to be said..

It’s the deepest mean to be felt..

It’s the greatest act to be done..





For family it’s a great thing that will make everyone being happy..

For a couple it’s a word that make them being in a relationship..

For a stranger it’s a magical act that will make everyone being friend..


But for me,

it’s a word that can’t be spoken..

it’s a condition that makes me hurt..

it’s a damn stupid thing that always ruin my life..




die Liebe??







What so ever people call it..

For me, just call it pain..


Mungkin aku seorang yang egois..

Mungkin aku juga sangat angkuh..

Mungkin aku tidak pernah menghiraukanmu..

Bahkan aku tidak menyadari keberadaanmu..


Banyak orang tidak memandangku..

Banyak orang melecehkan aku..

Banyak orang menghancurkan hatiku..

Bahkan mereka menghina keluargaku..


Tapi aku tidak seperti itu..

Aku tidak seperti kiramu..

Aku adalah aku..

Tak ada seorang pun mengenal aku..


Aku tidak peduli apa katamu..

Aku tidak peduli apa katanya..

Aku tidak peduli apa kata mereka..

Yang kutahu hanya satu..


Aku, diriku, selalu menunggu..

Menunggu sesuatu..

Yang tak pernah kutahu..

Are you the one?

In the crowd of people, I only see you..

In the deep sleep, I always dream of you..

In the noise, I only hear your voice..

In my mind, I have a big picture of you..

When being with you, I feel so comfort..

When looking at you, I feel so happy..

When losing you, I feel so bad..

I don’t know what’s wrong with me..

I don’t know what’s great in you..

I don’t know what’s happen with us..

But I know I really need you..

I know I feel easy when I’m with you..

Is it me who are so weird?

Or my sense become so sensitive?

Or maybe you are really the one that deserve for me..