Experience dating with ICE AGE in Dufan

“World is too small for the two of us. Time is so fast for the two of us. Everything seems so beautiful for the two of us.”

Perhaps it becomes so common metaphor for couple. All couple, whoever they are, what tribe, what nationality, what religion, whatever do you want to say, they will feel the same if they are in the deep feeling of love. Everyday becomes so happy, every time always want to be together, all the things become so beautiful.

I am not going to make poetry or some new metaphor here. I just wanna share any experiences about dating things in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. Nowadays, dating things become so flat but fancy in Jakarta. There are so many good cafe and resto, many cinemas, many shopping mall that will pamper your needs of entertainment and fun lifestyle. But, it is already too mainstream in here, in Jakarta. Every weekend you can see so many couple walk, holding hand and smiling in shopping mall, in cinema, and enjoy fancy dining or lunch in luxury place or just fancy places. We will easily find those places in seconds in Jakarta.

Getting bored and want to experience new style of dating? Well, try to visit your childhood place, amusement park, Dufan!! Yup, Dufan!! Do you still remember about your childhood, when you went to Dufan with your parents and siblings? Enjoy every attraction in there and laughing so happily or crying so loudly?

Haha!!! Try to experience that feeling again with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Or perhaps for you newlywed, it is also fun to give a little spark in your life. >o<  Perhaps many people will say you are alay (it is a term for those youths who always going around in group, so noisy, and can be found in so many public places, especially the cheap places in Jakarta) because nowadays Dufan is full with alay.

No need to worried about that!! Even though you will still fin many alay there, but, i will let you know, it is kinda entertainment thing for you, life entertainment!! LOL!! Ok, stop about this alay topics. Continue with Dufan. Don’t you know, Dufan has changed a bit. Now, you can try to compare Dufan with Universal in Singapore, wait, not at all, just one attraction. Haha!! Yup, there is one new attraction, ICE AGE!! But, you have to be prepared too. Before enjoying this attraction, you have to follow the queue until at least 2 or 3 hours. Because even though i have arrived there from 11.30 and the Ice Age attraction is opened at 13.00, but the queue has reached the 2 hours waiting spot. OMG!! Could you imagine???? Really, Indonesian people, especially Jakartan knows to make the queue so long for new favorite place. Hilarious, isn’t it?


Well, The concept of Ice Age is almost similar with so many attraction in Universal, you have to ride a boat to walk through the whole of ice age attraction. But, do not think that it is similar with Istana Boneka (Doll Palace), because it is completely different. You will feel totally like in Ice Age era, so cold, you will shiver a lot there. and, not stopping only there, suddenly they will make you startled with the water spray, with the sudden move like going up up going down in fast speed, and get wet with water splash. And could you imagine, getting wet in the cold ice temperature? Yes!! Gorgeous!! You will feel the tiring of 3 hours queue is totally paid. It is the best attraction in Dufan now.

Getting Cold and Wet after experienced Ice Age
Getting Cold and Wet after experienced Ice Age

Wait, it is not finished here, LOL, in Ice Age area, there are 2 attraction that you can choose. First is the one that i told, the second is the shaking boat like Kora-Kora. You can choose which one is your preference. But, my suggestion is the first one, because it makes you feel like in Universal Studio, and especially for couple, you can have a reason to hug your boyfriend or girlfriend because of cold!! HAHHAAH!!!

I apologize i cannot really take many pictures about Ice Age in Dufan. But you can find it in Uncle Google. LOL!!

Enjoy your experience in Ice Age soon!! I bet you it is FUN!!!


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