Silent Regrets

Dear Universe,

I write this, not in purpose to complain or be mad with what i have got. I write this, because I have no choice anymore. Life is so good to me. There are so many choices that You have given to me. I choose, I try, I do, I fall, I regret. Everything that happen to me, because of what i have decided. I know there are many blessing that You give to me, to us, human, the people who life in the Universe. You give us the nature, flowers, animals, trees, water, sunshine, air. You give so many for us.

I, people, we, as human, we did the right and wrong things. We think,  we choose, we decide, and we make the action. All the things have the good and bad impacts. Whatever we did, we have to responsible for the things that follow it. As a human, i make lots of mistakes. As a human, i choose lots of wrong decisions. As a human i walk on the winding paths.

I have to face every single thing temptation, obstacle, and all of exam of the life. I did wrong, again, and again. I apologize, again, and again. I retry, again, and again. I always try to hear Your whisper, the Universe, the owner of this life. I, I don’t want to fall again and again. I don’t want to fail again and again. I don’t want to be sick every time I made a wrong decision.

Dear Universe,

Please, say something to me. I try my best to hear your whisper. I, I wish I can face all the things bravely. I wish I can choose the right path. I wish I can make the right decision. I wish You always listen to my wishes.

Every single mistake that I made, It hurts you. Every single wrong decision that I made, It makes you cry. Every time I think of that, I know that I am the one that always hurt you.

I have tried to fix everything. I know, You are the one who gives everything to me. I know, You are the most aggrieved by every mistakes that I did.

Dear Universe,

I can do nothing. I can’t say anything. What I can give to You is only this silent regrets from the deepest of my heart. I sincerely regret and apologize. I hope, I won’t disappoint You in the next life.

This is my silent regrets for everything that I have done.


Little Green Frog


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